Vanparijs Engineers guarantees power protection in the Sint-Trudo hospital

In 1997, Vanparijs Engineers installed a 1600 kVA dynamic UPS installation (DUPS) at the Sint-Trudo regional hospital for extra power protection after the expansion of the hospital at that time. Over the past 20 years, Vanparijs Engineers has maintained the machine in good condition. Recently, the installation was completely refurbished without any impact on the power supply of the hospital thanks to temporary protection with the mobile UPS of Vanparijs Engineers.

After about 20 years, the average dynamic UPS installation is in need of replacement. This usually means a considerable new investment and sometimes major changes to the existing infrastructure.

Given the still good condition of the machine in the Sint-Trudo hospital, it was decided not to replace the UPS but to renovate it completely. Such a complete refurbishment goes a lot further than a classic overhaul. Not only the main components were replaced, but also the entire power and control section was renewed and equipped with the latest control technology that allows for fully digital management of the machine.

The entire project was carried out in a limited period of time and without any kind of interruption or impact on the daily operation of the hospital. Indeed, before the start of the works, a complete switch was made to the 1600 kVA UPS in container from Vanparijs Engineers, the largest mobile unit in Europe. This way, the hospital remained protected against any power failure for 2 months, and the 20-year-old DUPS installation was ready for the next 20 years without any worries.

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