7 situations in which a mobile UPS backup is not an unnecessary luxury

Mission-critical facilities in data centres, hospitals, airports or the pharmaceutical industry need a continuous and uninterrupted power supply at all times, even if only temporarily. Below you can read 7 examples of situations in which a mobile UPS is not an unnecessary luxury.

  1. In order to maintain the highest level of safety, important maintenance works on UPS systems such as overhauls, renovations or replacements should preferably be supported by a temporary uninterrupted power supply to ensure continuous power protection.
  2. The overhaul of an installation consisting of several UPS systems is best planned in several phases so that a mobile backup can guarantee the necessary redundancy and the level of protection is always maintained.
  3. When organising a major event or in the event of a disaster recovery period, a mobile UPS can also provide the necessary temporary emergency power supply.
  4. In hospitals, power failures can make the difference between life and death. Hiring extra backup capacity or a mobile UPS means more peace of mind when working on your electrical installations.
  5. In wintertime, when the temperature drops, the risk of a power failure increases… our mobile UPS systems can provide the solution!
  6. Our mobile UPS solutions are also available for long-term rental. For example, our 1600kVA unit – the largest mobile UPS available on the European market – was used for 18 months to secure the power supply in a new pharmaceutical production facility in the Paris region pending the installation of their new UPS systems.
  7. A banking company facing a significant delay in the delivery of its new UPS, a hospital which is experiencing difficulties with electrical power systems or a utility company in need of extra redundancy due to large infrastructure works… the mobile UPS can be used in various problem situations.

Check out our new UPS rental website and discover our solutions!  We offer several mobile UPS solutions from 250 to 1600 kVA for temporary power protection of your mission-critical activities. Our containers are available for short & long term rental throughout Europe!

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