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Would you like to know if a mobile UPS might be of interest to your company? 
Answer the following questions:
  • Does your company have a fixed UPS installation?
  • Is the power of your installation higher than 250 kVA?
  • Are you planning major maintenance works that will put this UPS out of service for a while?
  • Is the UPS defective or are there any other problems with this UPS?
  • Is a new UPS currently being installed, are you waiting for the delivery of a new UPS or do you have plans for a new UPS installation?
  • Do you have a temporary need for more UPS power or redundancy?
  • Are you expecting modular growth of your UPS power?
  • You don't have a UPS installation, but your need to temporarily secure the power supply (e.g. during construction, data transfer, emergency situation, etc.) and short interruptions (<30 sec) can have serious consequences?
  • Are you looking for a solution for longer than one week?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ at least twice?

Thanks for taking the test

At first sight it may be interesting to temporarily install a mobile UPS.

Please provide us with your details and together we will see what a mobile UPS can do for you.

Thanks for taking the test

Sorry, it seems that a mobile UPS is not the right solution for you.

However, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need further explanation.