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Continuous power & service for critical processes

Maximize your operational reliability with a mobile UPS system

As a company with critical processes, you are 100% dependent on a pure and continuous power supply. A minimal outage can cause a lot of costs and problems. That’s why you have a UPS installation that protects you at all times against small and large power failures. But what if your UPS is temporarily unavailable or other problems occur in your electrical infrastructure? A temporary mobile UPS installation will help you reduce the risks and ensure that the lights are always on.

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Our mobile UPS

Our mobile UPS (uninterruptible power supply) installations are a complete power backup system in one container. It contains a diesel engine, kinetic energy storage, generator, built-in fuel tank, control, ventilation, exhaust, soundproofing… In short, it’s all there!

They temporarily protect your critical installations against all possible power failures, without the slightest interruption, completely tailored to what you need.

Our systems are available indifferent power ratings and configurations from 250 kVA to 1600 kVA. For both short and long rental periods, they can easily be used by road transport all over Europe.

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Our rental formulas

We usually install our mobile UPS system within 48 hours of ordering, depending on the location and the availability of the systems. Different rental formulas are possible, from simple delivery to full integration into your existing infrastructure.

Our experienced service engineers are on hand to ensure a seamless installation at your site and that it continues to work flawlessly throughout the rental period. 

Thanks to our online monitoring, 24h/24 helpdesk and maintenance service, we can offer a top service over the entire rental period.


Why rent a mobile UPS?

What is a mobile UPS?

A mobile diesel UPS, is that the same as a diesel generator or an emergency power group?

No, certainly not! A diesel UPS ensures that the connected installations are supplied with a continuous voltage. In contrast to a diesel generator or emergency power group, UPS installations therefore bridge any kind of power failure, even the smallest breakdowns or microcut. And the diesel engine only works when necessary.

Why a mobile MUPS?

Is your own UPS temporarily unavailable or do you need additional backup power for a limited period of time? Are you planning major infrastructure works or maintenance activities? Or do you just want to make sure that power failures do not endanger your business? A temporary mobile UPS installation can be the solution for you!

Who can use a mobile UPS?

Hospitals, data centers, pharmaceutical industry, high-tech production sites, airports, banks…. In companies with highly critical equipment, a power failure or voltage drop can cost a lot of money or even human lives. Those companies must ensure that their devices are continuously supplied with the necessary power and voltage. Our mobile UPS installations are the ideal solution for this!

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We have been monitoring the quality of your energy supply for 25 years. Our expertise? Tailor-made solutions in the field of uninterrupted power supply, decentralized power generation and energy efficiency.

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The MUPS magnet, or how a simple card can save you a lot of worries and costs

Imagine your UPS installation needs an urgent overhaul, there are problems with your UPS or you are planning electrical infrastructure works that will impact your company’s power supply. Do you always think about deploying extra security in time so as not to jeopardize your daily business? What if the power just happens to go out at that moment! The costs due to loss of production can raise very quickly.

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Vanparijs Engineers guarantees power protection in the Sint-Trudo hospital

In 1997, Vanparijs Engineers installed a 1600 kVA dynamic UPS installation (DUPS) at the Sint-Trudo regional hospital for extra power protection after the expansion of the hospital at that time. Over the past 20 years, Vanparijs Engineers has maintained the machine in good condition. Recently, the installation was completely refurbished without any impact on the power supply of the hospital thanks to temporary protection with the mobile UPS of Vanparijs Engineers.

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