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Why rent a mobile UPS?

Any company with a UPS system will sooner or later find itself in a situation in which the backup power is not sufficient or is temporarily unavailable.

Just think of, for example,

  • Major maintenance works or a power expansion of your existing UPS system
  • A failure or replacement of your existing UPS system
  • Temporary need for more UPS capacity
  • Emergency situations (disaster recovery)
  • Large events
  • etc.



For all of these – planned or unplanned – situations Vanparijs Engineers has a fleet of mobile UPS containers ready for action, which can be transported quickly to your site and completely integrated into your current infrastructure.

Our containers temporarily take over the work of your existing system without compromising reliability. Your critical users will therefore continue to be fully protected against power loss, just as with a fixed (dynamic) UPS.

If required, Vanparijs Engineers will examine a full integration of the mobile system in your existing infrastructure and will develop the correct switching procedures to ensure a seamless switch.

You already have a diesel generator? not a problem, our systems can also be used as a ride-through system. Linked to your own diesel group, your existing emergency power infrastructure can be, temporarily and for as long as necessary, transformed into a fully-fledged uninterruptible power supply.

The advantages of a mobile UPS

  • Easy to transport
  • can be put into operation quickly
  • everything built into standard ISO containers
  • Compliant with European noise Standards
  • Parallel connection possible